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20 Years Expertise
Intergrated Management
Just For Your——One Step Above the Rest
20 years of adult pleasure toys expertise with know-how, BLQ has grown into a leading supplier for mass-producing erotic novelties products.We provide our customers with the decisive competitive advantages of fast producing and short lead time.

Taishan Plant

01. Front End:

Strong and Creative R&D Team

Our R&D team listen to you and stand in your shoes. We accompany you with our authentic service. It is you that makes our greatest passion turn into hundreds of new designs a year. And these inovative designs are based on ergonomics & aesthetics, they are all about the unprecedented quivering orgasm.

02. Mid Course:

 Ground-breaking Technology
 Huge Manufacturing Capacity
With plenty of advanced producing equipment, we can do much more than you can imagine.
 Tai Shan Plant
           Dong Guan Plant
           Dong Guan Plant

03. Terminal: 

Complete Quality Control System 

Secure the Sexual Wellness & Conscious Pleasures

We insist on body-safety materials—— holistic thinking always pays off.
 Free from phthalates and BPA
 Made without latex
 Ultra-hygienic for intimate use only.

 Termoplastic rubber brand:Kuraray SEPTON™

  Highest quality silicone, odor-free,100% skin safe.
 International Quality Certification




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